TheraNest changelog
TheraNest changelog

Dynamic Fields

TheraNest has enhanced our Dynamic Forms with Dynamic Fields. Dynamic Fields automatically populates information from the client onto your form. We started off with five for now: Client Name, Client ID, Date of Birth, Phone, and email! Please submit in UserVoice what fields you'd like to see next!

In-App Business Associate Agreement

We added a link to the Organization > Settings tab of your TheraNest so you can easily sign a BAA with us if you haven't already. Once since you'll receive a PDF copy.

Enhanced Security for Deleting Clients

It is now not possible to delete a client that has anything outside of demographic information added. All invoices, payments, appointments, and cases must be deleted before deleting a client. This is to prevent malicious behavior. Remember you can Archive unlimited clients!

Fully Paid Date and Written Off Amount Added Back

With the Ledger redesign we took off some valuable columns and we apologize for that! Those columns have been added back! We are excited to enhance this grid even more in the future.

Ledger Redesign

We redesigned our ledger to be more mobile friendly! Less scrolling and sophisticated searching. Easily find what you're looking for using our kendo grid feature and tabbed navigation.

Default Rendering Provider Override

You can now set a default rendering provider on the client's Bill to & Insurance info tab. Insuring that you will always bill with that specific provider for their payer. See more information here.

Dynamic Forms

Dynamic Forms is our redesign of Custom Forms. They are easier to use and more intuitive. This redesign also allows us to add more feature requests in the near future such as text formatting, bullets, numbering, and dynamic fields. See an overview here.

Service Type Filter Added to Retention Rate Report

We've added a new filter to the Retention Rate report! You can now filter this report based on Service Types!

Client Portal Link included in Client Appointment Reminder Emails

Clients can now easily access and manage appointments via the Client Portal link located in the appointment reminder emails sent to them. This will only work for organizations who have subscribed to the client portal and for users with a portal account.

Client Preferred Name Now Exports in Demographics CSV

Now when you choose to export your demographics list out of TheraNest the client's preferred name will be a new field included!