TheraNest changelog
TheraNest changelog

Dynamic Forms

Dynamic Forms is our redesign of Custom Forms. They are easier to use and more intuitive. This redesign also allows us to add more feature requests in the near future such as text formatting, bullets, numbering, and dynamic fields. See an overview here.

Service Type Filter Added to Retention Rate Report

We've added a new filter to the Retention Rate report! You can now filter this report based on Service Types!

Client Portal Link included in Client Appointment Reminder Emails

Clients can now easily access and manage appointments via the Client Portal link located in the appointment reminder emails sent to them. This will only work for organizations who have subscribed to the client portal and for users with a portal account.

Client Preferred Name Now Exports in Demographics CSV

Now when you choose to export your demographics list out of TheraNest the client's preferred name will be a new field included!

Place of Service on Statement

We added the field Place of Service onto statements making printing superbills for multiple dates of service easier!

In-App Alerts for Text Messages from Clients

Now receive in-app alerts when a client sends you a text message! This can be a non-standard reply to an appointment reminder or a one-off text from the client. It's a new preference you can find under Calendar Preferences. Learn more here.

Removed "No End Date" Option for Recurring Appointments

When creating a recurring appointment we have removed the option for "No End Date." Please take notice when editing a recurring appointment that was set with No End Date, the occurrence will default to 1. Make sure to set a date or choose a number of occurrences. This change was made to avoid issues with endless appointments that had staff that were deactivated or clients deleted.

no end date.gif

Allow Staff Members to Invite Clients to the Client Portal and Manage Intake Forms!

Today we released an update that expands staff permissions so that non-admin staff members can send client portal invitations to their clients. Staff members with adequate permissions will have the ability to send invitations from the Client Details page. Organization administrators can control which staff members have the ability to send invitations by editing their staff members’ permissions. To learn more about this release, you can visit our TheraNest Knowledge Base.

New Color Code Indicator on Appointments by Service Type!

When creating or editing a service type, you can now designate a color label for that service type to display in the Day, Week, Month and Staff Calendar views. This will provide an additional way to visually identify your appointments in the calendar. To learn more about this release, you can visit our release notes in the TheraNest Knowledge Base. Click here to learn more!

Progress Note Addendum Signature

We now have the ability to sign a Progress Note Addendum! This will match the same product behavior as signing an initial assessment addendum. We also added an activity log entry for this action as well.