ERA Negative and Zero Dollar Payments

We have improved our ERA payment processing to automatically handle zero-dollar and negative (recoupment) insurance payments. Now when you process any new ERAs in TheraNest, these types of payments and adjustments will automatically be applied to a client's invoice and ledger, client statements, and billing reports.

ERA Claim Payment Processing Redesign

We have updated the Process Claim Payments (ERA) tab for TheraNest for users who have signed and agreed to the Terms and Services with Apex Clearinghouse. This shows more information about your ERA payments and allow for increased accuracy with your ERA payment processing. The improvement will also include a customizable ERA grid to fit your billing workflow, and it will create a unified view for both ERA payments and payments manually applied from paper EOBs. This is the first in an exciting series of additional billing improvements we are currently working on here at TheraNest. To learn more about this improvement, click to view the video link below:

Track Client Authorization Expirations

We have made it easier to manage client authorizations in TheraNest. You can now track when client authorizations for insurances will expire by inputting an expiration date for each authorization.

Authorization expiration dates can be added by going to Client Details > Bill To & Insurance Info > Edit Insurer > Authorization end date. All staff members assigned to a case will receive an email and in-app notification 7, 30, and 60 days before expiration. One last notification will be sent when the current authorization expires.

Transaction Method on Statements

Statements now display transaction method for all payments accepted for a client. For credit and debit cards processed in TheraNest, the credit card type and the last 4 digits of the card that was charged will be displayed for the payment. For insurance payments, the insurance company name will be displayed.

Client Notes now Visible on Agenda

Client Notes will now be visible on the contact card that is shown on the Agenda. This will allow staff members to quickly see if there are any relevant notes associated with a client that they need to be aware of.

Screen Shot 2019-10-09 at 9.06.48 AM.png

New Claims Features and Layout for Apex Clearinghouse Customers

We have updated the Claims Section in TheraNest for users who have signed and agreed to the Terms and Services with Apex Clearinghouse. This update will allow you more visibility into the lifecycle of your claims and will make managing your insurance billing easier.

The Claims section on the Billing page has been expanded to include claims in all states and ERAs. Claims now includes tabbed navigation sections for the following claims lifecycle steps:

  1. Awaiting Submission
  2. Submitted
  3. Rejected/Denied
  4. Resubmitted
  5. Accepted
  6. Paid
  7. Process Claim Payments (ERA)

Each new tab on the Claims page includes a grid with all claims currently in that stage of the claims lifecycle. For all claims submitted through Apex, the status of the claim will automatically be updated to reflect whether it was accepted or rejected by the payer. If a claim was not submitted via Apex, you can manually update its status on any of the tabs as needed. Please note on the Paid tab your only option is to push it back to the Submitted tab.

The grids in each tab can be customized to include the information you want, filtered by date range, searched, and exported as a PDF or .CSV.

Learn more about this update here.

New Assisted Claims Features

We’ve released a series of new features to make billing even easier with Assisted Claims in TheraNest.

Now invoices containing multiple dates of services will be automatically separated into individual claims. Submitting one claim for each date of service leads to fewer claim rejections and resubmissions.

With this update, each Service Date on an invoice will have an individual status label (Awaiting Submission, Submitted, Accepted, Rejected/Denied, ERA Received, Paid), allowing you to gain more visibility into the billing lifecycle of your claims.

If you would like to continue submitting multiple dates of services on one claim, you still have the option to do so. There is a new setting on the Invoice Details page called “Group all appointments into single claim,” when checked, this will group all appointments from an invoice onto one claim.

Learn more here.

Switch to Net Deposits with Credit Card Processing in TheraNest

You now have the option to receive net deposits in your bank account when processing credit cards with TheraNest. If you choose to use net deposits, each day you will receive one net deposit from our credit card processor. This deposit will include the sum of all credit card payments collected the day before minus all applicable processing fees.

This new option can replace the current setup, which separately deposits gross funds and withdraws fees from your bank account a few days apart.

If you would like to start receiving one net deposit daily, please reach out to our customer support team via the “Get Help” button in your TheraNest account.

Not processing credit cards with TheraNest? Learn how we can improve your practice here.

Edit Default Progress Note Template

TheraNest users with Administrative permissions can now edit the Progress Note Template to hide specific sections/fields. This is an organization-wide setting and cannot be customized per staff member.

With this new setting, you will be able to tailor our default Progress Note template to fit the unique needs of your practice. To get started, go to Organization > Note Template.

Learn more here

Add Notes to Invoices

We’ve added a new field, “Invoice Footnote,” to the General Information section on the Invoice page. This will allow you to add a personal, client-specific message to a client’s invoice as necessary. Any footnote saved to an invoice will be displayed on the printed PDF version of the invoice.

Screen Shot 2019-08-06 at 9.51.26 AM.png